The PlexNStein can be ordered from NOW and until the end of 2015 only.

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  • Wine Taurus Tolex with Gold Piping
  • Rugged Steel Plated Chassis
  • 2 High and 2 Low Guitar Inputs
  • Point to Point hand wired construction
  • 1959 Front end Design
  • 800 Rear end Design
  • SoZo Pre Amp Capacitors
  • 2 x JJ High Voltage Capacitors
  • 1x F&T High Voltage Capacitor
  • Mercury Magnetic Transformers
  • 2 x Tung Sol 6L6 Output Tubes
  • 3 x Tung Sol 12AX7 Pre Amp Tubes
  • 1 x Speaker Output
  • Adjustable Speaker Impedance Switch
  • Post Phase Inverter Master Volume
  • 50 Watts Output

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Amplifiers are custom built as ordered Allow 8 to 12 weeks build time. VAT taxes are not included in the price.

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